The Moongate Garden

The Moongate Garden after 1 The Moongate Garden after 3 The Moongate Garden after 5

This garden was divided into three parts. The upper part (furthest away from the house) was higher than the lawn closer to the house and divided from it by trellis. Next to the house there was a lower, recently built, patio. The clients wanted to formalise and smarten up the divide between the gardens and the divide between the drive and the garden. They wanted to recreate the magic of a childhood garden, with a moongate, which I designed to replace the existing trellis archway. This has made a spectacular focal point in the middle of the garden, opening a porthole in the view from the lower garden to the top garden. The wall and moongate were built with local stone that matched the house, and the steps used stone paving that matched the existing patio and looked smart and modern.

We replaced the informal stones along the side of the drive, with a straight line of blue brick, and, further up the garden, low retaining walls and steps up to the upper garden. This made for a smart and unfussy appearance. The upper garden was disused and covered in black plastic. We put in a circular seating area under an existing tree, and a lawn, surrounded by shrub planting, with ground cover, making for a relatively low maintenance and tidy, but colourful and interesting garden.



Secret Garden Sketch 2


Secret Garden Sketch 3


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