courtyard garden A garden designer will help you to get the best out of your garden.

A trained garden designer will help you to get the maximum use out of your space. She or he will make sure the garden suits you and the way you want to use it, and will make the garden interesting in a way that suits your tastes.

A good garden design is functional and workable, as well as attractive. It will be simple, uncontrived and not fussy. All the parts will work together to make a whole, that feels as if it’s meant to be.

The benefits of having your garden professionally designed are immeasurable in terms of the quality of your space and the pleasure it gives you.

When looking for a garden designer, choose someone who is properly trained and qualified. Having the fundamentals right in the layout of your garden is crucial to the design’s success. A trained designer will know how to use shapes that are pleasing and will work on the ground, to create the atmosphere you wish to achieve.

A good designer will pay attention to detail. He or she will work to scale and will carry out or commission a professional and detailed survey of the garden. Working to scale is of fundamental importance as this is the only way to ensure all the elements fit the given space perfectly and are in correct proportion to each other. This is how balance and harmony are created in the garden, which give it the peaceful, tranquil atmosphere many clients are seeking.

A trained designer will provide you with outline plans of the garden (to scale), separate planting plans, construction drawings for all the hard landscaping elements, detailed specifications and scope of works for the contractors, so that they can follow the design exactly.

I also provide sketches for the client so that they can get an idea of what the garden will look like. I work closely with the client at concept design stage, to make sure she or he is entirely happy with what is proposed.

The client’s needs and wishes are always at the top of my mind, and the client is fully consulted all the way through the design process. Any details or issues are ironed out along the way, so that the finished design works well and the client is really happy.

Many gardeners, who are unqualified as designers, sell ‘design’ services. They may be good at some aspects of the job, such as selecting plants or laying patios, but if you want a professional design, that works successfully as a whole, gets the full potential out of your space, and leaves you with a garden that you love, you need to employ a qualified designer. This is not the cheapest option, but it is the most satisfactory.

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